Innovation Day 2019

Tuesday was the start-up meeting for the project.
Innovation Day 2019
and the assignment was presented to Alströmergymnasiet’s students who are currently studying the Technology Program/Design and Product Development in year 2. The idea of the project is to involve young people who are the workers of the future in Matting’s efforts to innovate in product development. The day started with a joint lunch and presentations by Matting, followed by a workshop for the different groups. To add extra inspiration, the students also got to listen to our designer Peter Mattisson, who also participated in brainstorming and workshops.

What is Innovation Day?
Matting’s vision is to create well-being for creative and sustainable people. Our mission and values emphasize that we should be at the forefront, work for sustainable development and be courageous. We work with customer-driven product development. Therefore, it is important for us to include the next generation in our concept and product development work. Young people are the workers of the future and the ones who will believe in and be motivated by our products. That’s why we are now introducing Innovation Day – a day where students will brainstorm about different challenges, customer needs and get hands-on experience of what it’s like to be a product developer. And play an important role in Office Wellness’ future product development.

About Alströmergymnasiet’s Technology Program
“The Design and Product Development specialization is suitable for those who want to develop their skills in computer-aided design and construction. The focus is on design and creation, but environmental thinking is a natural part and we work for sustainable development and efficient use of resources.” The class from Alströmergymnasiet is in the second year and during the spring semester they complete the course Design 1. (When they are in the third year they will continue with the course Design 2.) The group consists of 18 students and their program teacher is Karin Elmgren.