Terms of sale

Matting AB distributes via companies and/or individuals. We are open Monday to Friday 08:00-16:45. Closed for lunch 12:00-12:45.


All prices are exclusive of VAT and shipping. We reserve the right to make price adjustments without prior notice due to changes in raw material prices, exchange rates, typographical errors or other circumstances beyond Matting AB’s control.

Small orders fee

For net orders of less than SEK 500, a small order fee of SEK 200 applies.


Terms of payment

After an approved credit check, a net credit period of 30 days is normally granted up to the agreed credit limit. Matting AB is entitled to change the credit limit at any time and without prior notice. In the event of late payment, penalty interest will be charged and, where appropriate, fees for collection and order for payment.

Delivery times

On standard products in stock: Orders are shipped from Matting’s warehouse the next business day, unless otherwise requested.

On in-stock products to be cut, trimmed or otherwise customized:
1-3 days.

On non-stock order products:
Varies according to special delivery note.


Shipping costs will be added. Orders are delivered from Matting’s Alingsås warehouse. We deliver domestic shipments with DHL unless otherwise agreed. Any freight limit is calculated against the order value of the stocked range separately and the ordered range separately when a simultaneous delivery date is not possible. Packaging costs from 2022-06-01.

Packaging costs are invoiced in connection with deliveries on pallets:
EUR-pallet: 225:-*
Disposable pallet whole: €125
Disposable pallet half: $100
Pallet collar: $125
Pallemballage: 125:-
Beveling of carpet edges: 125:-.
Installation cost Effective/Jaguar: 300:-/sqm
*Does not apply to customers who are members of the DHL pallet pool.

Complaints and returns

See special conditions for complaints and returns, read more here: complaint form.


Our products should be of high quality, aim to work in a circular way and be durable. Our desks, storage furniture and the NEOS range therefore come with a 5-year warranty. The rest of our range comes with a minimum 2 year manufacturing and production guarantee. The warranty covers production and manufacturing defects. Does not apply to normal wear and tear, damage or poor maintenance. The warranty period starts from the date of the invoice.