Here we have collected recommendations and guidelines on children and young people’s learning related to physical activity in schools.

Health for learning, learning for health

A knowledge overview, Skolverket, 2019

A knowledge review with the aim of increasing the understanding of how learning and health affect each other, and how health promotion within the school’s common mission should be carried out. The perspectives highlighted are supported by extensive national and international research.

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How much exercise children and young people need

Recommendations from the Centre for Sports Research, 2017

A summary of the research findings, the health benefits of physical activity and an explanation of what the recommendations mean.

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International guidelines on movement

A publication of the WHO

The World Health Organization’s overview and recommendations on how much and how to exercise children and young people.

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Need for resources and guidelines at three levels

Published in Journal of Health, Jan 2020

The report is based on a workshop on PAL (Physically Active Learning) between researchers and other stakeholders. The report suggests that PAL programs need to be designed at three levels to be successful:

  • At the classroom level, resources and capacity building for teachers are needed.
  • Schools as a whole need to develop a comprehensive policy and mission on PAL, and principals and parents need to give their full support.
  • At national level, there is a need for health guidelines on PAL and for PAL to become a clear part of teacher training.

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Mind-blowing book inspiration

Popular science books by consultant psychiatrist and author Anders Hansen.

Brain strong – how exercise and training strengthens your brain, 2016
The what, how and why of exercise as brain training.

Brainy Junior: Smarter, Happier, Stronger, 2020

How physical activity affects the brain in terms of concentration, mood, sleep and much more, with a focus on a younger audience. Also includes easy-to-understand sections on how the brain works and inspiring tips for more movement.

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