What height should the table be when I stand up?

Our height-adjustable student desks are easy to adapt for both small primary school children and adult-sized students. The stepless height is easily adjusted manually, no electricity required. The tables can be raised from 75 – 119 cm. The table below shows the approximate height of the table, but the easiest way is to simply set the table at navel height, which will allow you to work comfortably with your arm at a 90° angle to the table top.

What height should the table be when I sit down?

First of all, if you can, try to sit as high as you can and stretch. Once you have found a comfortable position, your arms should be able to rest relaxed at a 90° angle to the table top for the best relief.

Why do I need a carpet?

The mat is designed to make standing comfortable and to allow you to stand for as long as you wish.

Where should the carpet be located?

Position the mat so you can stand in the middle of it and rest your arms comfortably on the table. When you are not standing up or not at your table, you can hang the mat on the hook.

How long should you stand for?

It is up to each individual to stand as long as they feel comfortable. It all depends on how you feel and what you feel is right for you at the time. Try it out!

Why should you stand?

Research shows that unfortunately we sit too much and move too little here in Sweden. When you stand up, your body comes alive and you activate small muscles in your body, making your body and mind more alert. The nice thing about standing is that it is both good when you are tired and when you have “run in your legs”, because when you feel tired and stand up you become more alert and if you are very alert, it can help to stand up instead of sitting and getting ants in your pants.

Don't I need a chair now that I have bought a 'standing table'?

We believe that variety is best for the body. The StandUp DESK student table is a height-adjustable table, which means it is designed to allow you to work both standing and sitting with a table height that suits you – no matter how tall or short you are. So the chair is great to have on hand when you feel like sitting!

How should we furnish our classroom with our StandUp DESK?

StandUp DESK is designed to allow each student to work in an optimal working position, both while standing and sitting. The tables provide a flexible way of working that is suitable for any classroom and any subject. The lever, which raises and lowers the table, is available on both sides of the table, allowing you to arrange the tables in groups of two, in so-called cinema seating or U-shape. The StandUp DESK is also available with wheels on the front legs to provide extra flexibility to move according to your purpose of the day or topic. Feel free to test yourself. Read more about furniture here!

Our table is not working properly!

StandUp DESK is made in Sweden for the school environment, the table should be able to be raised and lowered daily for a very long time. We make sure that our products are durable and that they meet your expectations. If you are not satisfied or if you think the table is not working properly, please contact us at info@matting.se.
We want you to be happy!

If you have any other questions, please contact us at info@matting.se.