10 active tips!

Here are some simple active tips that teachers and educators can use to increase movement and reduce sedentary behavior inside and outside the classroom.

Set an actives clock every 30 minutes

Take a brain break every 30 minutes during theory lessons. Do 4-5 exercises simple exercises together with the students, such as the squat, the mask, the yoga dog and the cobra.

Toe raises

Toe raises do the trick for students with tired legs and heads. 10-20 times is enough. Hold on to your toe for a little while for better effect and feel free to let your arms follow. Particularly useful if students are already
standing up and working

Turn maths into a gym lesson

Turn math into a gym lesson. Count the number of squats in a minute, add the total number of push-ups in the class or measure how far students can jump without taking a step. See more active math exercises

Outdoor lesson

Plan for an outdoor geography or biology lesson. It provides free movement to and from as well as during class.


If necessary, allow students to take five-minute breaks for simple physics exercises in the movement corner of the classroom.

Alternative working position

Offer an active working position. With
height-adjustable tables
students can alternate between standing up and sitting down. With a
mat or balance board
underfoot makes it extra comfortable and active for restless legs.

Active interaction

Allow students to move around when answering, for example by standing up instead of raising their hands, or walking to the board to write their answers.

Health literacy

Sneak health education into the timetable. Knowledge of nutrition, health and exercise and the anatomy and physiology of the body can be combined with many other subjects. Inspired by our neighboring country Finland where
health literacy
is compulsory.

Active algebra

Have students run a lap around the schoolyard in time. Compare with how long it takes to walk or jump around. Add, subtract and multiply.

Quiet working environment

Put paws on the table legs and screen off with
table screens
so that you can allow natural movement without interference.